2020-2021, Bristol lead Rachel James, funded by FCDO

Priority on African Diagnostics

LaunchPAD is the first phase of the Climate Model Evaluation Hub for Africa and builds on the work of the IMPALA project as part of the Future Climate for Africa (FCFA) programme.

10 early career researchers and fellows have designed model diagnostics with a Pan-African lens over the course of their fellowships.

The LaunchPAD (Priority on African Diagnostics) project is funded by the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO) to create a Climate Model Evaluation Hub for Africa.

It is widely recognised that African societies are highly vulnerable to climate change, meanwhile climate models – the best tools available to investigate future climate – struggle to represent African regions. It has been difficult to see how African climate science could “catch up” with other regions. 

A team of researchers from Oxford in the UK and African universities in Ghana, Cameroon, Kenya and South Africa together with the UK Met Office are building the Model Evaluation Hub, designed to deliver a legacy of improved modelling of African climate. The Hub connects African experts in weather and climate with climate modelling centres internationally, to jointly investigate how models represent African climate, and how this can be improved. The Hub develops software tools which can be automated across climate models, to quickly increase the understanding of how models behave over African regions. 

This site showcases the first software tools and presents profiles of the fellowship program, early career researchers based at African universities.

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