Peter Watson

The main focus of my work is understanding the risks posed to society by extreme climatic events and how these are being affected by climate change. In particular, I work on producing, evaluating and applying physically-based simulations of the atmosphere and climate, with a focus on understanding extreme atmospheric weather systems. One of my partnerships is with, who use distributed computing to produce very large simulation datasets containing thousands of examples of possible weather systems, facilitating the study of extremes (you can even volunteer your own computer’s time for this, if you would like). Past work of mine has included leading the scientific development of a high-resolution global atmospheric model (by the standards of typical models) to use in that system. Before joining Bristol, I did my PhD and postdoc work at the University of Oxford.

My work also includes improving our climate and weather simulators and post-processing of their output by using machine learning approaches. This is cross-disciplinary work with partners in computer science and industry.

Read more about my research fellowship ‘The Future of Extreme European Winter Weather’ here.