Outreach activities



  • Rachel James was involved in the Cabot Institute led ‘Climate Science into Classrooms’ project. This project brought together climate scientists and expert educators to pilot transdisciplinary generation of Climate Change Education (CCE) resources for schools. The team co-produced three sets of curriculum-aligned, age-appropriate resources, each featuring the work of a University of Bristol climate scientist.


  • The University of Bristol has created a new Climate Change and Health research strand led jointly by the Cabot Institute for the Environment and the Elizabeth Blackwell Institute for Health Research. These four short videos briefly explain why this area of research is so important: Why look at this complex challenge? ‘How we are working together’ and ‘A Healthier Future’.
  • Simon Clark, Climate Scientist YouTuber, talks to Dann about his Polar Vortices in Planetary Atmospheres Reviews of Geophysics December 2021 paper.
  • Dann Mitchell and Emily Ball have created a climate model simulation based on the Wheel of Time book series.