Feeling the heat in Bristol ‘walkinar’

Alan Kennedy-Asser gave a special “walkinar” (i.e. “walking seminar”) to discuss heat risk in Bristol during his visit to Bristol this week.

Over the past few years, a number of heat risk mapping studies and apps have appeared for different cities across the UK, including Bristol, London and Belfast. These heat maps often use the best available climate and socioeconomic data to highlight areas where both heat hazards and socioeconomic vulnerability factors are high. However, what emerges from the data on a city or neighbourhood scale may not apply at a street or individual level, and being ‘on the ground’ to experience the city can the best way to sense-check the results. Alan and colleagues went on a 3 km walk to explore the heat risk that has been mapped for Bristol. They discussed urban heat islands, green spaces, air pollution and how getting out and walking makes the world a better place!

This walk was inspired by a heat walk developed with the Met Office for Belfast, which was run with city stakeholders in 2022 and at the NI Science Festival in 2023 and 2024.

It rained, but that’s no surprise for us!