Social News

  • BRIDGE turns 20!

    BRIDGE turns 20!

    Time for big celebrations on Friday as BRIDGE (Bristol Research Initiative for the Dynamic Global Environment) is having its 20th anniversary. Many of the group joined in the fun at the Tobacco Factory with lovely food, live music and some fantastic dancing! It was great to see everyone who has made BRIDGE become what it…

  • Emily Vosper thesis submitted!

    Emily Vosper thesis submitted!

    Emily handed in her thesis, congratulations! Time to celebrate in the best way with cake!

  • Time for laser tag

    Time for laser tag

    The Bristol Climate Dynamics Group had a few ‘friendly’ laser tag matches against the Bristol Paleoclimate Modelling Group. MVP Emily Vosper, top in all 3 games! Booooooooom!

  • Ice free curling, more fun than it sounds!

    Ice free curling, more fun than it sounds!

    The team had a super fun social at Roxy Lanes playing ice-free curling. Emily Ball once again proving to be the MVP and some impressive tactics shown by the younger members of the team!

  • Emily Ball graduation

    Emily Ball graduation

    BIG congratulations to Emily who graduated today, well done – party time!!

  • Globe Ball time

    Globe Ball time

    A few of the team went to the University of Bristol Globe Ball and I must say, look super dapper! A tux and everything. This Ball celebrated 100 years of The Geography Society.

  • Bobby Antonio passes MScR viva!

    Bobby Antonio passes MScR viva!

    Bobby’s thesis “Post-processing East African precipitation forecasts using a generative machine learning model” was supervised by Peter Watson and Laurence Aitchison. It is a very impressive piece of work, in which he developed a machine learning model which improves the diurnal cycle of rainfall over East Africa. Bobby already has a PhD in computing, and…

  • Beer and pottery – a perfect match

    Beer and pottery – a perfect match

    The team enjoyed an early Christmas celebration making pottery mugs and decorating whilst enjoying some of Wiper and True’s delicious beverages! What an arty bunch!

  • Bye Bobby!

    Bye Bobby!

    Bobby Antonio has gone on to pastures new with a new role at Oxford University, well done Bobby – we will miss you! We had a lovely time at the Shakespeare in Redland and although we didn’t win the quiz, we witnessed Emily Ball’s photographic memory in action.

  • Group celebrations!

    Group celebrations!

    The group had a little joint social to celebrate Rachel James’ promotion to Associate Professor and Emily Ball passing her viva. Big congrats both.